• Being Development


  • Being Development is an ambitious company developing sustainable real estate based on an end user perspective, while respecting the natural environment. Our goal is to create sustainable values in real estate, to elevate the quality of life and to create a social inclusive and sustainable society.


    We (re)develop sustainable homes, apartment complexes, hotels, offices, and mixed-use buildings for a comprehensive range of end-users. Each development is approached with an open mind and with economic, environmental and social sustainability guiding each decision. Through interaction, listening and ‘feeling’ we are able to really understand the specifics of the location, current and future users.


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  • Top 50 real-estate developers NL 2016

    Being Development is number 30 (up from number 49 in 2015) in the Top 50 list of real-estate developers in the Netherlands according to PropertyNL in 2016.

    High Potentials of Real-Estate 2016

    Both Bas van Dam as Dirk Dekker are in the top 35 'high potentials' of the real-estate sector in the Netherlands, chosen by the top 50 real-estate decision makers of today.

    Top 10 best office buildings of the Netherlands

    NRC has selected our co-developed multi-tenant office HANDEL Amsterdam as one of the ten best office buildings of 2016 in the Netherlands.